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Video file details - "The Journey : Episode One - The Vision" : (08:15)

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Date: 18th Sep 09
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Channels: Technology
Elm Park Primary School wants to be an ICT Centre of Excellence. Nothing unusual about that, you might think. All a school has to do is sign up to Bectas Next Generation Learning Charter and follow the self-review framework. Thats certainly the plan for Vicki Knox, the headteacher. But theres something else to consider: the school doesnt yet exist. The Journey is an eight-part series of video diaries following two local schools, Ayloff Primary School and its neighbour, Dunningford Primary as they merge to form Elm Park Primary School. As well as a new building, uniform, logo and staff to think about, Vicki wants technology to play a central role. She admits they\\\'re not using technology much at the moment, but all that is about to change....